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    The single-phase generators range consists of several very reliable machines that work in a system powered by single-phase voltage. Their power ranges the usual single-phase installations commonly known to be 5 to 20 kilowatts .



    This is the most popular and versatile range of generators. They are designed for a three-phase electrical network, but in some cases, when there is a three-phase mains and single-phase consumers, their use is extremely appropriate.



    The range of industrial generators covers capacities in range 500 to 2500 kilowatts. Industrial diesel generators are specially developed for industrial needs with high energy requirements. 

Where is the power generator needed?


Where is the power generator needed?

Opened the garage door and suddenly lost power? Or are you in a remote location where you are not connected to the electricity grid? In these situations, diesel generators are the solution to your problems. In this material, we will consider the wide range of application of diesel generators and their influence in various fields.

1. Household power supply:

One of the main ways to use a diesel generator is at home. They provide reliable power supply in case of sudden disturbances in the power regime. This is essential, especially in the case of disasters such as floods, storms or earthquakes, when the power supply may be interrupted for an extended period.

2. Construction and Repair:

The construction industry also uses diesel generators. They provide independent power supply to construction sites, where there is often no permanent access to the power grid. This type of generator provides power for power tools and lighting, which improves the efficiency of construction projects.

3. Commercial Objects:

Many commercial establishments, such as shops, restaurants and hotels, use diesel generators as a backup power supply. This allows them to maintain their operations even during power outages, which could result in a loss of customers and revenue.

4. Agriculture and Farming:

In agriculture, diesel generators are used to power power systems for irrigation, animal houses and other agricultural needs. They provide a stable power supply in remote areas where there is no easy access to the power grid.

5. Means of Transport:

Diesel generators are also built into some vehicles, especially refrigerated trucks and railroad locomotives. They provide the necessary energy to maintain the cold systems and other electrical appliances that are built into these vehicles.

6. Telecommunications and Internet:

Diesel generators are vital to keeping telecommunications and internet networks up and running. They provide backup power to mobile base stations, communication centers and servers, ensuring uninterrupted access to communications.

7. Insurance Agencies and Banks:

In the banking and insurance sectors, where continuous operation is required, diesel generators provide reliable back-up power. They ensure that banking and insurance services are not interrupted even in the event of power outages.

8. Research Laboratories and Hospitals:

In fields such as medicine and research, where power dependence is critical, diesel generators provide uninterrupted power. They ensure that laboratories and hospitals can function without interruption, providing vital medical services and research activities.


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