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    The single-phase generators range consists of several very reliable machines that work in a system powered by single-phase voltage. Their power ranges the usual single-phase installations commonly known to be 5 to 20 kilowatts .



    This is the most popular and versatile range of generators. They are designed for a three-phase electrical network, but in some cases, when there is a three-phase mains and single-phase consumers, their use is extremely appropriate.



    The range of industrial generators covers capacities in range 500 to 2500 kilowatts. Industrial diesel generators are specially developed for industrial needs with high energy requirements. 

How is a diesel generator serviced and maintained?


How is a diesel generator serviced and maintained?

Diesel generators are reliable sources of electricity that are designed to serve in different fields and under different circumstances. They are widely used in various fields of industry, business and home.

Diesel generator components

The main components of a diesel generator are the generator, engine, fuel system, cooling system and control panels.

Servicing the diesel generator

Check oil and filters

Regular oil and filter changes are one of the main tasks in diesel generator maintenance.According to the manufacturer recommendation on every 500 motorcycle hours or 24 months, it is recommended to change the oil and filters. This prevents the internal parts of the generator from wearing out and is a guarantee of proper engine greasing.

Checking the fuel system

Periodically, it is necessary to check the fuel system for leaks and damage. Make sure that the fuel is clean and not contaminated, otherwise it would cause serious problems in the operation of the generator.

Cleaning the air filter

It is recommended that the air filter be cleaned and replaced regularly, especially in areas which are heavily polluted. A clean air filter is a guarantee for a long life of the engine and its efficient operation.

Battery check

Regular inspection of the diesel generator battery is necessary, taking into account the electrolyte level and state of charge. You may have difficulty starting the generator if the battery is weak or dead.

Diagnostics of the diesel generator

Load tests

An easy way to detect and prevent serious problems is regular load testing of the diesel generator, which ensures that it is working properly at maximum load.

Diagnostic systems

Nowadays, diesel generators are equipped with diagnostic systems that warn of problems before they become accidents. That’s why it’s important to learn how to use these troubleshooting systems.

Generator storage

If you want to store the diesel generator for a long period of time it is necessary to follow certain steps.

Draining the fuel system

In case of the diesel generator will not to be used for an extended period of time, it is advisable to drain the fuel pump to prevent the formation of corrosion and condensation.

Corrosion protection

To protect the generator from atmospheric influences and corrosion, it is recommended to cover the generator with a quality cover.


Diesel generators provide energy independence in various areas, therefore regular maintenance and servicing of the generator is essential. This will be a guarantee of long service life and reliability.

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